Conosciamo le tue preoccupazioni e siamo pronti per offrirti una vera vacanza con pochi compromessi.

Vacanza sicura a madonna di Campiglio


Going the extra mile


  • Covid-19 contact person.

    A member of staff trained by the Trentino regional government whose role will be to maintain contact with the local healthcare system, as well as staff training and supervision to guarantee the application of prevention procedures.

  • Health checks.

    A member of staff will be available in the mornings should you wish to check your temperature, blood pressure etc. They will also be on hand throughout your stay to assist with your wellbeing.

  • Purifying the air

    We decontaminate the air and all exposed surfaces in the rooms before every new arrival and in all communal areas a few times a week with an air purification system that destroys bacteria and viruses.


Guest responsibilities

In order for our measures to be effective, we need your help. In case of symptoms, even mild, please phone reception who will take all necessary measures. Regarding your daily routine, as we are all by now aware, it is necessary to frequently wash your hands and wear a mask (at least when around other people). We kindly ask you to maintain your distance from other people (for example at the buffet) and not to use the lift with other people who are not in your room / family unit.

Unfortunately this year we will have to dispense with handshakes and hugs, but you will receive the usual warm smile 😊 Our lobby is very large, so it will be easy to maintain your distance from others and there will be a hand sanitiser dispenser at reception. We will be on hand as ever to assist you in any way possible during your stay, while respecting regulations. You can check in quickly by leaving your documents at reception, or sending your details ahead by email. At check out you can ask to receive your bill via email and let us know your credit card details for us to charge it. At check in you will be given your room key that you can keep throughout your stay, they will be sanitised each time they pass through reception.
At the entrance to the dining room there will be a hand sanitiser dispenser available. We would like our guests to be able to serve themselves at the buffet, so there will be a plexiglass guard in place to protect it. If this is not possible guests will be required to wear a mask. A member of our staff will prepare eggs at breakfast, and they will be served at the table. Room service will be available for those who prefer to eat breakfast and dinner in their room. There will be a menu at every table, to avoid it being passed around. Our staff will be on hand to help and will wear the necessary protection.
Hygiene and cleanliness have always been extremely important to us and we are putting in place further measures to guarantee the safety of our guests and staff. Rooms and bathrooms will be sanitised with anti-viral products. Particular attention will be paid to objects that are touched frequently like door handles, TV remotes, lift buttons etc.
Of course! Families that live together can continue to do so on holiday. They can dine together and take the same lift.
When you arrive you can pull up in front of the hotel for the time necessary to unload your luggage and check in, reception staff will indicate where it is possible to park according to availability. There will be no valet parking service to move your car, but we have a vehicle available to take you to and from the car park.
IAt the hotel we have a member of staff trained in health and safety who will be your point of reference for all related information during your stay with us.
Yes, you can book a massage. At the end of each treatment the massage room will be sanitised for the next guest.
We will reopen on 27th November
No problem! The mountains and their wide-open spaces mean you can move around in complete freedom. You can order a packed lunch the night before at reception. If you wish to have lunch at a mountain restaurant we recommend booking in advance. The Alpine Guides in Madonna di Campiglio are on hand to help you discover the mountainside; we advise booking in advance.
Yes! The lifts will be running every day .
Absolutely not! Madonna di Campiglio now offers Smart holidays - you can book tickets and excursions on your smartphone, and our reception staff will always be on hand to help.

7 reasons to purify the air in your room with photocatalysis

  • Reduces indoor pollution, improves the quality of the space by providing clean, fresh air
  • Proven reduction of bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces
  • Eliminates unpleasant odours from the air and surfaces
  • Takes hygiene to a level that cannot be reached by traditional cleaning methods
  • Reduces the possibility of contracting infections
  • Destroys mould, funghi, pollen and allergy causing mites
  • Sanitises the air and all exposed surfaces.

Utilizziamo purificatori d'aria molecolari

We use AIRsteril® air purifying technology, which uses the same process used by trees to transform carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis.  Photocatalysis (the name of the chemical principle at the heart of this technology) is the action through which some material semiconductors, for example titanium dioxide (TiO2) with the help of sunlight or a UV lamp, can cause reactions that reduce or oxidise undesirable substances, even those present in miniscule quantities, with maximum effectiveness against indoor pollution, bacteria, viruses, mould, funghi and particulate matter that cause allergies and dangerous consequences in our everyday lives.

Dr. David Webber (Technical Director at Microbial Innovations Limited / Leeds University) recently expressed a favourable opinion of the effectiveness of this system for the prevention of COVID-19.

Sempre aggiornati! Visto il continuo evolversi della situazione, soprattutto a livello normativo, siamo sempre a migliorare le nostre procedure e e di conseguenza questa pagina. Per ulteriori informazioni sulle vacanze sicure in trentino segui la pagina ufficiale della provincia di Trento.